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8 Pretty Nails & Spa
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About Us

Nail PolishSince February of 2009, 8Pretty Nails & Spa has been providing clean, friendly, and professional nail service here in Surprise, AZ. We know that people, like you, work hard every day. People who just need a place to relax, a place to look pretty and get together with friends and family for a good time.

We also know that many are wary of nail salons and the bad rap they have garnered over the years. Fears of dirty whirlpools are prevalent, but we are here to put your fears to rest!

8Pretty Nails & Spa is proud of the fact that we are one of the few (If not only. We were definitely the first!) salons in Surprise, Arizona to employ pedicure spa liners and pipeless whirlpools in each and every one of our pedicure spas. After each use, our pipeless whirlpools are disassembled and soaked in hospital grade disinfectant, and our liners are disposed of and are never seen again... EVER!

Every time you leave, you can feel great, knowing that you have just received the safest, cleanest, and most professional service on earth.logo